Zero Waste Initiative
Zero waste logo - if you're not for zero waste, how much waste are you for?

Promoting zero waste by:

• Moving our community from waste management to resource management
• Offering lectures and workshops on how to achieve zero waste
• Developing a support infrastructure (Resource Recovery Park)

Our society uses resources in a linear fashion. We extract the resource. We process the resource, then use the resource (often one time). Then we dispose of the resource.

“Waste is the evidence that we are doing something WRONG”.

Incinerators BURN the evidence, Landfills BURY the evidence.

Diagram of an industrial site designed to process household waste in a way that maximizes reuse of materials
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"Extract > Process > Use > Dispose"

In a finite world, with finite resources, this is clearly unsustainable.

Communities striving to be sustainable must address how they utilize material resources. This is why NEST is developing a Zero Waste Initiative. We are striving to move our community from waste management to resource management.

We know something close to zero waste is possible. NEST offers lectures and workshops to explain why it is important that we move to zero waste and to show how it is done.

Landfills are simply warehouses for our waste. NEST is working with investment partners to develop a resource recovery park. The park will provide an alternative to landfilling, provide jobs, and virtually eliminate waste with all its environmental and public health risks.

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